What is this about?

Gordon Webster and Hetty Kate
Photo by Shervin Lainez

This swing jazz album has been lovingly crafted to get dancefloors moving, and entertain dancers all around the world. Taking inspiration and repertoire, from little heard curios from the hey day of America this features some of New York City’s finest young swing jazz players, and Australia’s sweet voiced jazz vocalist Hetty Kate. Successfully funded by dancers and swing jazz fans via crowd-funding platform Pozible, the album was recorded in New York during October 2013 by engineer Michael Perez-Cisneros.

Celebrated ‘King of Swing’, New York pianist Gordon Webster, met Melbourne’s Hetty Kate on the bandstand at Canberra’s Jumptown Jam (in Australia) 2013 amidst a crowded dance hall full of twirling skirts and dapper gentlemen. The swing dance community in Australia is a vibrant and growing scene, with new festivals being created each year, with Swing Patrol Australia leading the way, along with Jumptown Swing in Canberra.

The album features a who’s who of New York’s swing scene, with popular reed-man Dan Levingson, extraordinary young trumpeter Mike Davis, Rob Adkins (bass) and Kevin Congleton (drums) and New Orleans rhythm guitarist Cassidy Holden making up the core band. Many special guests, including Australian trombonist Shannon Barnett appear throughout the recording.

You’ll also notice we’ve included the beats per minute on the reverse of the case for the dance community, allowing easy DJ programming at events.. we hope you spend many happy hours dancing to this album!